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Daniel “closes the jaws of the lions” – or rather beats the fiercely competitive/high scoring other members – and triumphs at the skittles!

Sunshine once again bathed Weston beach … and as the sun went down the group assembled for skittles for what was to be an impressive performance by all concerned – well apart from me!

Some of us arrived from a hot day at work but others such as Kimby and Julie arrived notably refreshed after their “Wednesday swim” … it was great that Spud was able to join them at the pool sporting his Hi Viz mankini! John arrived in a colourful summer outfit – clearly having just stepped off the plane from Miami!

Soon after arrival Stevie Z took control of the food orders and Spud collected the payments (I am sure he charges commission!)

Fish and chips was the favourite this time although I can fully recommend Kimby’s and my own favourite … curry!

Slight confusion … was it a darts evening or skittles – Spud was unsure? Of course it was skittles although it got me thinking. Perhaps we could combine the two? With one member throwing a dart over the head of the other member, as he or she crouches to roll the ball down the skittle alley!? Scoring would be tricky though … and I suppose there are some health and safety issues to consider!

The game commenced and immediately Steve and Michelle Z resumed their rivalry for pub game supremacy! Michelle scored strongly to reach 40 from her 8 “goes” which included two scores of 10! However, Steve Z had a swagger about him and returned a total of 54 which included a 9! So the “Zoller Pub Game Cup” was retained by Steve …. but I am sure Michelle will be back next time!Some super scores were achieved. Julie, James, Matt and Kimby all scored over 30 with Joy an impressive 37. Then Michelle at forty but all a distance behind Andrew who secured third position by shooting a fantastic 47! The finish was so exciting. With just two “rounds” to go Steve Z was out in front with 41 with Daniel chasing hard with 38. The pressure was on – a “fiery furnace” of an atmosphere – as Daniel hits an astonishing 9 in each of his last two rounds! … giving him a total of 56 leaving Steve in second place with 54!

Throughout there were some big one off scores. Bearing in mind I had not witnessed a 9 in previous skittles evening, there were no fewer than 7 scores of 9 or more! Joy and Steve Z with a 9 each and as said Daniel with 9 twice; Michelle with those two big scores of 10 and finally James with a stonking score of 14 in just one round … it was surely a record breaking evening!! …. I personally didn’t do so well coming last with 32 and nearly hitting the putter upper!

Other memorable events included Matt’s method of bowling.  Matt was unable to find “The Dam Busters March” (written by Eric Coates, the theme from the famous film) on the Jukebox … but his style of bowling certainly reminded me of the famous “bouncing bomb”. Seemingly to be celebrating the 75th anniversary of this most memorable of air raids (May 18th, 1943), he tossed the ball nearly head height repeatedly narrowly missing the strip light (and the putter upper!) on a number of occasions – but he scored well! Come back Steve Wall – all is forgiven!

On a more serious but exciting note. Aileen gathered the group together to give the news of her visit to the Mayor to receive a cheque for the money raised for Energeyes – absolutely terrific news and this will mean so much for the group. The visit to the Mayor along with the Sunday service were such wonderful events and Aileen, you and the group are so right to be so proud! Indeed Aileen, may I say on behalf of the group … you know we all think you are fantastic and we are thankful “beyond words” for what you do for the group.

Aileen also told of a wonderful charity event in memory of Marie on May12th – which would have been her 65th birthday. The event was held in her local, the Red Admiral, where she used to help out all of the time … raising a tremendous sum for charity.

In summary … all agreed it was another memorable and enjoyable evening!!

Steve’s “jottings” …

“Daniel and the lion’s den” along with the “fiery furnace” are biblical references to chapter 6 and 3 from the book of Daniel. The prophet Daniel is regarded as one of the most admired/highly regarded prophet in Hebrew Scriptures – “by the rivers of Babylon” and all that! He was a kind of superstar of the day who with others at the time loved to sing. Along with other prophets and colleagues of the time including Ezra, Meshak, Shadrach and Ezekiel … Daniel regularly held singing competitions with the people (the public if you like) voting. It is thought this story inspired (the of course hugely religious) Simon Cowell to create “X Factor”!

Did you know …  a “strike” is when all nine pins are knocked down with one ball – it is also known as a “flopper” (nothing to do with Spud’s mankini). When all nine pins are knocked with two balls, this is called a “spare” and the third ball can then be thrown at a “fresh” nine pins.

Dam Busters …. 75 years on “Operation Chastise” remains as the best known air raids during world war two. Circular shaped bombs weighing no less than  4200kg were dropped at an angle to bounce a few times on water and then sink into position and destroy dams in Germany.

Just think of it, each bomb weighing the equivalent of 4,200 one kilo bags of sugar. Now a bag of sugar contains 3,870 calories and so the calories contained in a bomb if it were made of bags of sugar would total 16,254,000. This is equivalent to the calorific intake of a grown man for 22.3 year!! Pretty boring diet though and the chap would himself end up looking like a bouncing bomb!

Joke … I’ve been dating a homeless woman recently, and I think that its starting to get serious … she’s asked me to move out with her!

And in the week of the Royal wedding some thoughts on keeping marriage special …

Wife: “Our new neighbour always kisses his wife when he leaves for work. Why can’t you do that?”. Husband: “How can I, I don’t even know her!”

Wife: “My son wanted to know what it is liked to be married. I told him to leave me alone and when he did I asked him why he was ignoring me!”

…and an aghhhh moment! … “The perfect marriage is when each of you secretly believe that you have the better deal”