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Super performance by our own “Calamity” Jayne!!

Another great turnout at the “Deadwood Arms”(!) or rather “The Regency” … around 20 of us assembled for a hearty meal and a fiercely contested session with the arrows!Despite another change in lineup in the kitchen (chef leaving) the Regency food was as good as ever (I can recommend the ham and eggs) but we quickly moved onto the main event …New to the group, Mike was soon in action and registered 95 with his first three darts … so he will not be invited back! No seriously, Mike’s a super chap and we look forward to welcoming him to future events.

Following Michelle’s win last time – or rather her beating Steve Z(!) – clearly Steve had been practicing … establishing an early lead and winning a close contest … 241 plays 229! Rather suspiciously Michelle scored just 10 with her last three darts – Spud reckons she “threw it” for an easy life at home! Great to see Steve Wall back to the group … on good form with plenty of mickey-taking! And in terms of darts “Demolition Man” Steve lived up to his reputation … strong throws for sure but the wall did take a bit of a pounding! But at least the TV screen remained intact this time!

Then … Jayne “came to the Hockey” or rather the ”oche” … and WOWZA what a score …. 319 topping the leaderboard and including three scores of over 60!Many good scores were achieved: Mike 283, Daniel 277, Derek 254 pushing our winner to the end … I thought I did well with 126!Everyone did well, high scores, minimal damage(!), and a great laugh as always!

FYI … Calamity Jane (for those too young to know) was a film based on a sharp-shooting woman in the Wild West (Deadwood, South Dakota) starring Doris Day and Howard Keel. The film was released in 1953 … 6 years before I was born! … Spud would have been just 15?!

Did you know … the saying “taking the mickey” comes from the rhyming slang saying “taking the mickey bliss”!

Gardening tip … although gardening books describe how some shrubs prefer acidic soil … it is not a good idea to empty the contents of your car battery into the soil. One, it will kill the shrub and two, your car will not work!

Joke … A self-made millionaire celebrating with his wife of many years asks her “In your wildest dreams did you ever think we would have all of this?” …. to which she replied “darling in MY wildest dreams YOU don’t figure”!!

All the best