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Thank you for the music!! 

Another great EnergEyes night out with around 20 of us at the Playhouse eagerly awaiting to be entertained….and it certainly didn’t take long for the fun to start with John arriving in a full glitzy 80’s style outfit – take a look at the photos!!

A pretty much packed theatre immediately responded to the incredible music and voices of “Arrival – ABBA tribute act”. There were many costume changes throughout with the ABBA “girls” starting the show with the classic tiger and cat motifs on their white tunics … the guys with their (perhaps a bit dodgy) wigs adding to the spectacle!!

Kicking off with “Waterloo” followed by … The Winner Takes It All … I Have A Dream ….SOS ….the first half of the show was packed with memorable hits. All of us seemed to know every song – John knew every word!!

But it was after the interval when the show moved into overdrive with songs

like … Voulez Vous (what does that mean anyway?!) … Summer Night City … Chiquitita (or as Spud thought “Chicken Tikka”?!) …hit after hit getting the audience on their feet and dancing in the aisles.

The band and our gang were now energized(!) and the base guitarist went a bit loopy with the excitement of it all!!

There were many memorable moments including….

Dancing Queen! Sue C was on her feet for pretty much the whole of the second half making a new friend and dancing partner with a very lively (but perhaps a little intoxicated?!) lady from Taunton!!

Fernando! Mobiles were twinkling as the band serenaded the audience to this ABBA classic. However, John stole the show (and indeed the band saw clearly!) his brightly illuminated shoe held over his head and swaying to the music!!

Does Your Mother know! A chance for all to “dance” to the music from their chairs with fingers aloft!!


Honey Honey! Throughout the concert Philip’s monocular seemed to be malfunctioning …. or was the combination of a front row seat and the short skirts on stage the explanation!!


Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Man After Midnight! My own moment of embarrassment as I found myself singing along over-energetically and swinging my hips a little too much!!


So a great night, super seats and as always fab organisation by the Boss (Aileen)!!


All the best




PS Voulez- Vous … is nothing to do with a small hollow case of puff pastry filled with an appetising meat or fish mixture … but actually means “Do You Want” … I am none the wiser!!


PPS Chiquitita is indeed Mexican for “Chicken Tikka” … you learn something every day!!!

PS photos are available as yet.