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  1. Jayne Coopey says:

    Happy xmas everybody. Hope u all had a good one. See u all soon. Jayne

  2. AileenMilsom says:

    We took part in the Rotary Christmas Fayre yesterday 16th November 2020, at The Royal Hotel. I wish to thank all members, friends and volunteers for their continued support. Our total raised was amazing but we couldn’t achieve this without your continued support. Also a huge thank you to the Rotary Club in Weston. Aileen Milsom, Chairman

  3. Jayne Coopey says:

    Wow wow wow

  4. Jayne Coopey says:

    That was a nite i definately needed. What a show and good feel factor. Hope it returns soon.

    1. Thank you Jayne. Much appreciated. Good news from you, made my day. You know what I’m talking about. Aileen xx

  5. john & julie says:

    To our Wreckin-Ball, Happy Birthday!!!.

  6. Michelle says:

    Big Thank you to all the lovely members and volunteers for my birthday card love having you all.as my friend xxxx

  7. Jayne Coopey says:

    Wow what an amazing day we had today. Weather was perfect. The support from mendip paul and ollie is unforgiving. Nothing is too much trouble to help any one of us. Ive achieved so much today thst i could only dream of well out of my comfort zone. Not only do we all support each other but are able to laugh when things dont go quite according to plan. Big thank you to every1 4 creating another bunch of amazing memories.

    1. Thank you Jayne, there is nothing I can add to your comments, you have said it all. We are such a lucky gang of friends, whatever we do is so much fun and laughter and boosts us all in confidence and self worth. I will carry on this wonderful charity for as long and I am fit and able to.
      Aileen x

    2. Michelle says:

      Just seen the pics looks so much fun wish id.of.come I would.of been uselessness would of pushed me out my.comfort zone xxx

  8. AileenMilsom says:

    Yes, I do. Rocking for two hours, fantastic.
    Aileen x

  9. Jayne Coopey says:

    Showaddywaddy at the playhouse has to be 1 of if not r best nite out so far. Anybody else agree?

  10. Jayne Coopey says:

    Another awesome day out in the sun. Alpaca trekking with some very cute amazing animals. Although i got the feeling mine thought she was a mini race horse. She was definately on a mission aptly named lightening. My second charge was a much more chilled out little chap until he nearly took me for a jog down a country lane.

  11. Jordan’s ALIVE! LIVE! LIVE!,De-de-de-de FLASH!!!! AAARRGH, Julie &Jordan want to break free, Julie & Jordan want to break free, out out on the town, hubby not around, we don’t need him, we got to break free, god knowns we all want to break free. Energeyes are the champions of the wooorrrllld!!!!. xxx

    1. Don’t break free from EnergEyes Jordan. Are you going to be John and Julie again on Wednesday? Watch this space! John has lightened up the lives of members and volunteers at EnergEyes, thank you. Aileen, confused club leader, but in a nice way. xxx

  12. dick & julie says:

    lots of fun tonight, birthday celebration to our leading lady, congradulations stevie,no wooden spoon, but the grand prize, once again mate well done. see you at Queen tribute on friday, love dick!!!!!. xxx