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  1. john & julie says:

    Hi guys, sorry its been a while, sorry to hear the shocking news about our lovely Orla, to our mate Enernst, thinking of you at this sad time, keep your chin up mate, she will never be forgotten. Happy belated birthdays to Del Boy, Energeyes, Aileen, hope you all had a good one, we are missing you all, more than words can say, see you all very soon, raise a glass or two to the gang.

  2. Jayne Coopey says:

    Happy birthday. We are all missing each other so much and cant wait to get our leader back at the helm. To keep us all in order lol

  3. Michelle Durbin-zoller says:

    Happy birthday Aileen hope you have a lovely day lots of love from me Steve and the boys were really missing you xxxc

  4. Jayne Coopey says:

    Happy birthday to our special club. Hands and and shoulders we cannot rub.
    One day soon we all will meet.
    with no 2meter gap between each seat
    Party times ahead im sure
    Lots of shouts with even a roar.
    May we have a lot more fun
    When covid 19 finally does one!
    Happy birthday to everyone.

    1. Thank you Jayne. It hits the spot! Love you poem, so clever.
      Aileen xxx

  5. AileenMilsom says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Happy, Happy Birthday today to EnergEyes. Nine years old! Amazing how the years fly by. It is the most worthwhile and fulfilling decision I have ever made. We have changed lives, made lifelong friends and achieved so much. Thank you all so much for making this charity such a huge success. Aileen xx