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  1. Jordan’s ALIVE! LIVE! LIVE!,De-de-de-de FLASH!!!! AAARRGH, Julie &Jordan want to break free, Julie & Jordan want to break free, out out on the town, hubby not around, we don’t need him, we got to break free, god knowns we all want to break free. Energeyes are the champions of the wooorrrllld!!!!. xxx

    1. Don’t break free from EnergEyes Jordan. Are you going to be John and Julie again on Wednesday? Watch this space! John has lightened up the lives of members and volunteers at EnergEyes, thank you. Aileen, confused club leader, but in a nice way. xxx

  2. dick & julie says:

    lots of fun tonight, birthday celebration to our leading lady, congradulations stevie,no wooden spoon, but the grand prize, once again mate well done. see you at Queen tribute on friday, love dick!!!!!. xxx

  3. Michelle and steve says:

    Huge happy birthday to you aileen your commitment to energised is amazing we all love you and you’ve made a huge difference to do many lives thank you for letting us volunteers we love giving up time for you all and made so many friends hope you have a lovely day see you tomorrow xxx

    1. A big thank you guys for all that you do for us, without you guys and all our little helpers, we would’nt have so much fun in our lives, so once again thanks xxx.

  4. john & julie says:

    To the leader of our gang, Happy Birthday Aileen have a smashing time on your Birthday, we will be thinking of you, lots of love & hugs your loyal gang members!!! Vroom-VVroom-Vroom xxx.

  5. Jayne Coopey says:

    Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to aileen. Happy birthday to you. Lovely lady enjoy your special day. X

    1. Thank you, thank you. Aileen x

  6. Beryl Alexander says:

    John is becoming the King of dress up, fame at last! Keep up the good work EnergEyes and a big thank you to Aileen for her dedication and commitment to giving a social life to all at EnergEyes.

    1. Thank you Beryl. John is a different person, so confident and enjoys life to the full. Aileen x

  7. john & julie says:


  8. john & julie says:

    Its just a jump too the left, Watch out for those bloody heels, Its a step too the right,PING!, Those suspender bstraps, LETS DO THE TIME WARP A GAIN, Ah-Chooo, those bloody feathers or is it a fetish convention in Bristol, fun & frolics had by all. Big thanks too all who dressed up, you all look FAB-U-LOSA, going now too touch -touchy my lippy!, see ya at darts xxx. Keep rockin Energeyes, proud of you all and been a part of this special groupxxx.

  9. June jones says:

    What a brilliant time at the rocky horror it was an amazing time with the Energyeyes gang. Definitely have to do it again it was great. Big thanks to aileen, spud, Michelle and Steve for all the hard work they put in😘😘

  10. Jayne Coopey says:

    Rocky horror show. Fab from start to finish. Some amazing outfits and amazing audience. Def another 1 to put on the repeat list.

  11. Jayne Coopey says:

    John alexander what a showman or showstopper im not quite sure. We all love u john.

    1. john & julie says:

      Thank you Lady Jane for your lovely comments, It means a lot to me xxx.

  12. john & julie says:

    NO PAIN!, NO GAIN!, NOT IN THESE TIGHTS, DON’T MESS WITH MY TUTU!!!, what a load of fun, even thebad weather could’nt dampen our spirits, Come on EnergEyes!, breath in , and lets get psysical!!!!. see ya soon xxx.

    1. john & julie says:

      Sorry folks for type o’s, too knackered from doing all tose spins, splits Ouch!!!!