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  1. john & julie says:

    Any progress report on Robin Matt, thinking of you both, come back soon from the gang

  2. john & julie says:

    Sorry! folks about the tpye-o’s, After all I’m just a man!!!!!.

    1. john & julie says:

      Did it again can’t spell type-o’s

  3. john & julie says:

    Post-Homonal,sourded by loads of ladies with wine, HRT, what a load of fun, need to go lie down in a darken room, Man with ManO-Pause.

  4. john & julie says:

    Hi, Del Boy I bet your out with the London Fog for a Bowl of Chalk and out with Plates Dishes, down to the Rub a Dub for a few Mick Jaggers, dont ge too Brahms & list, out late for a Ruby Murray, have a jolly good mother Brown, Happy –th Birthday. x

  5. john & julie says:

    Oh ladies I feel Pre-hormonal!, wheres my HRT…

  6. john & julie says:

    We dont need no education, We dont need no self control, HEY!, teacher leave them kids alone, all in all this is the Matilda show. Wow what a show. Aileen can we eat more cake or will we be sent to the choke room.

  7. john & julie says:

    Under started orders,were of, Energeyes race night has just beegun,pick your lucky horses,some winners,some losers,But Energeyes the real winners!, Tom, all staaff,punters,did us proud, big thank you,you will never know how much that your support for this lovely gang of Bees,it means so much thank you x.

  8. john&julie says:

    To Joy, hope you had agreat Birthday, To my darling Julie hope you had a great time, hope you did’nt get BORED! xxx.

  9. john & julie says:

    Del Boy, Happy 21st Birthday, Have a good one , see you soon x.get drunk be merry, just like xmas with less presnts!, Enjoy the day.

  10. Michelle and steve says:

    Aileen meatloaf and Johnny cash isn’t on iteniery

    1. AileenMilsom says:

      Thanks Michelle, you are marvellous! They are now.
      Sorry gang.

  11. Jayne Coopey says:

    The boys were brilliant how they managed to stay awake that long. It was incredible we defo need more miss trunchballs.

  12. Michelle and steve says:

    Big Thank you to you all boys loved Matilda they made it to just outside Bristol before they were both asleep Samuels favourite bit was the burp and maxs was the newt sorry to those that were sat on our row in the interval with Sam keep going past you hope you all enjoyed we absolutely loved it so a massive Thank you

  13. AileenMilsom says:

    Thanks for comments Jayne, yes a lot of fun, poor Andy, didn’t win a penny all night. I’m sure he’s recovered now after his kebab!! The generosity from all at the Regency is truly amazing, we are so very lucky.

  14. Jayne Coopey says:

    Yet another crazy nite with the crazy crew. With some amazingly generous clirnts st the regency who helped raise a phenominal amount 4 energeyes once again!

  15. Matthew & Robin says:

    Hi everyone Robin now out of surgery, he had to have is stomach opened up due to a blockage. He had swallowed something that was yellow and rubber. Not sure where he got hold of it as we have nothing like that at home.

    He his currently stable, recovering from the anesthetic. Robin will now be out of action for at least 10 weeks, so that he can recover fully. They had to cut right into his stomach, so has loads of stiches, and going to be hard to eat and drink for a while.

    Will keep you all updated on his progress.

    1. john & julie says:

      thinking of you boh,missing you both,robin make a speedy recovery and both come back to us soon.x

  16. Matthew & Robin says:

    I am sad to inform all members of EnergEyes, the my guide dog Robin, has become very seriously ill over the weekend. He his today having emergency surgery to find out the cause. He is fighting for his life at the moment as he has lost so much weight in the last few days including blood loss. So at the moment I hope you all understand if I am not any events.

    I will keep you all updated, once I have some news.

    1. Jayne Coopey says:

      So sorry to hesr about robin. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

    2. Michelle and steve says:

      Sorry to hear about robin hood he makes a full recovery bless him

  17. john & julie says:


  18. john & julie says:

    what a rockin day,good show,lots of hair!…may need more head and shoulders lol.big thanks to Steve &Michelle,sorry about the damage to the dodgems aileen,well done Sue for passing your driving test,next time lady Jane may have to sit on someones knee. Keep on rockin rebels so proud of you all.

  19. AileenMilsom says:

    A big thank you to Steve and Michelle for taking over the reigns on Saturday. I knew the gang were in safe hands. What a fabulous time was had by all. Carry on rocking EnergEyes. Love the photos on our website. Fun Fare thrown in for good measure, wow!! Pity about the Helter Skelter though. Lady Jayne was almost tiny enough to have a go but she is a big wus and wouldn’t have done it anyway! We need to get her rock climbing and abseiling again…………….

    1. Jayne Coopey says:

      And what may i ask is wrong with being a wuss ive practiced all my life so i am an expert if u please. Yours faithfully lady jayne. 1 feels my crown is slipping.