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A warm welcome was given to all at the Ebdon Arms in Wick St Lawrence … with expectations running high for a thrilling and intellectually challenging evening! Well, perhaps the “Dumb trivia quiz” section was not too intellectual!

Waiting for the 20 or so members and volunteers … or rather kind of prowling around the room in anticipation … our Quizmaster for the evening – Stevie Z – had clearly fully prepared and was pumped up for the event. High value prizes to be won (a box of biscuits and everything!) together with a medal for each in the winning team – to be coveted by all!

The leadership team were straight into action with Spud as always on the hunt for money (to supplement his pension) and Aileen orchestrating the delivery of food by the waitresses. Aileen was invaluable to them memorably pointing out to the waitress that the fish and chips were for “the man in the red top” … which didn’t really narrow it down as there were 18 of us in Energeyes red!

Super food with ham, eggs and chips the most popular with Kimby and myself enjoying our usual curry which we rate at a very good 8 out of 10.

And so to the quiz … Stevie Z thought it would be good idea to mix the teams rather than people sitting with the same crowd. This led to around 10 minutes of exciting activity and movement – so as well as a quiz we got to play a bit of musical chairs! That said, James ignored it all and calmly finished his chocolate sponge before taking his place in Team Clare.

There were four teams with leaders Spud, Clare, Daniel and Michelle … I personally was not a leader but this didn’t bother me in the slightest (I wasn’t bitter or anything!); I was happy to join Daniel’s group which we named the “Saucy Feelers”! Named in light of the box of objects Stevie Z and Michelle had created for the visually impaired to try to identify the contents.

Spud stole an advantage right from the start increasing his team to six in total and pretty much led throughout.

Thanks to Stevie Z there was a wide range of interesting and challenging questions along with the all popular musical round.

Without a doubt the most controversial round was the “Dumb trivia” section … I had no idea that police officers in Washington are given classes on how to sit down!; nor that it is illegal in Georgia to eat fried chicken with a fork; let alone that you have to have a hunting licence in order to buy a mousetrap in California!

To cap it all and the most jaw dropping question related to male behaviour in Illinois. The question: “A law in Illinois prohibits men from doing what in public?” The answer: “Have an erection!!!”

Well, the expression “I wasn’t expecting that!!” came to mind … and the question (and answer!) caused quite a kerfuffle amongst the ladies in team Saucy Feelers.

So Spud’s team, the biggest and with a strong suspicion of cheating! Won the day – congratulations to them.

After prize giving and much gloating by Spud we all had a bit of a chat and then headed for the hills … another great quiz night with Stevie Z the star of the show!

Actually, all this talk about movements in trousers in Illinois reminded me of a story …. or rather the following was on a card I bought for my brother recently …

The missing cock!
The village priest went out to collect his freshly laid eggs on Sunday morning and realised his cockerel was missing.
At morning service he decided to ask his parishioners if they had seen it.
“Has anyone got a cock?” the priest asked.
All the men stood up! … “No, no” said the priest, “I meant has anyone seen a cock this morning?”
All the women stood up! … “No, no” said the priest, has anyone seen a cock that doesn’t belong to them?”
Half of the women stood up! … “No, no, no!” exclaimed the priest … “What I meant was, has anyone seen my cock this morning?”
The alter boys and organist all stood up and the priest fainted!

All the best