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Back to the York hotel for dominoes … where Christmas has already started!

The group returned to the York for a competitive evening of dominoes … but the welcome was not quite as enthusiastic as usual from the staff!

They were clearly rushed off their feet with 30 or more guests enjoying Christmas dinner, yes Christmas dinner! They were all dressed up in tinsel and hats, Chrissie jumpers and everything!

Christmas decs everywhere, carols … we were actually witnessing “Turkey and Tinsel”!!! in full flow on – what – November 14th … and apparently it all started on November 1st!

I have now researched this and found that these 3 to 5 day coach trips to the seaside to enjoy “an extras Christmas” are very popular. For around 200 quid per person you can have five days half board in a hotel in November, Christmas dinner and god knows what else. Then on your return to the real world you can book yourself a room in a looney bin!

Anyway, back to the dominoes. Jane was on it on arrival and managed to get the carols switched off in our room … then John arrived in a full skeleton outfit literally from head to toe!

Earlier, when I picked him up he asked me to help him with his mask. As I pulled it over his head I stupidly said “hey there are no holes in this, you won’t be able to see?” … to which John laughed and replied “aren’t you forgetting something!!”. It’s always great fun to see what John is going to be dressed in at our events!

Despite no curry this time on the menu (much to Kimby and my disappointment), a hearty meal was served and enjoyed by all. As always, Spud was on the prowl for money … I think I saw him wheeling and dealing with the hotel staff; there was mention of Swiss bank accounts and everything!

Finally, the staff were able to come to the bar to enable some of the members to plough into the Fosters … and on with the game!

As usual, competitive with plenty of cheating – well on our table anyway (Spud as usual)! … and I did hear Derek on the table next table say “oh look there is a domino on the floor!”

On our table, Diane as always was good value fondly remembering playing the game with her family back in the day.

The evening was great fun and particularly important as we had a guest, Mr Alan Jones, from the Freemasons. Mr Jones gave a short speech to the members explaining that the two main objectives of freemasonry is to have “fun and support charities” … it was interesting to learn that the money raised by Freemasons is from their own pockets rather than collecting from the general public.

Indeed, Mr Jones described that a Sunday lunch was arranged with dozens of members of the Lodge attending … with the objective of raising funds for two charities, one of which is Energeyes! He proceeded to present a cheque for over £400 to Aileen. People are so kind to the group!

Anyhow, great night and definitely more fun than collecting money at the carnival, dressed as a bee in lashing rain!!


 Did you know that the Pizza delivery company called Dominoes, started with brothers Jim and Tom Monaghan buying an ailing pizza restaurant in 1959 called “DomiNicks”. Soon after Jim left the business with Tom buying him out by giving him a beaten up Volkswagen Beetle which they bought to deliver Pizzas. Not a smart move by Jim as his brother went on to sell his stake in the business for $1 billion twenty years ago! Tom Monaghan has pledged to give half his fortune to charity, the so-called “billionaire’s” pledge that Microsoft’s Bill Gates has signed up to. So this is what I say to my wife as she watches me stuff another pizza “I am only doing this for charity darling!”

Oh no, having searched turkey and Tinsel I am now being inundated with coach tour holidays …actually the one to Llandudno on the 27th looks interesting …. booked! Ang and I are off for 3 nights at the Hotel Pant y Wacco (named after the pretty Welsh village!).

Now we are into Christmas “mode” something to make you smile/groan …

Great news guys! After its annual day off … the DFS sale is back on tomorrow!

I have got no problem buying tampons. I am a modern man. But apparently they are not a “proper” present!

Paul McCartney bought his ex-wife an artificial leg. It wasn’t her main present – just a stocking filler really.