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  1. Michelle and steve says:

    Big thank you to all of you for a lovely day especially the rebels were just really glad we never lost any of you ha ha ha and John I’m so sorry I can’t seem to find you on Facebook if you find me Michelle Durbin roller send me a friend request and I can post photos of you see you all Wednesday and what a fabulous show raunchy but very good xx

    1. Jayne Coopey says:

      Big thanks to u all 4 keeping the rebels in control it was a fab day. Was a little embarrasing with my monocular in places!

  2. john & julie says:


  3. john & julie says:

    Whoops!!…who’s being a naughty boy…HELP! MUMMY,GET ME OUT!!!

  4. Jayne Coopey says:

    Well all the crims had a day out at shepton mallet prison. An amazing tour guide took us on an amazing journey. I think some of the motley crew came home reformed characters or let out on good behaviour. Fab day.

  5. Jayne Coopey says:

    What a nite. Bodyguard the musical. Phenominal

  6. Michelle says:

    We all got to meet the newest member last night Joan have uploaded a photo on website bilingualism approved it 😂

  7. Jayne Coopey says:

    Wow that was an amazing birthday outfit john hope u had a brilliant day and night

  8. John & Julie says:

    Hi, Diane Happy Birthday, hope you are having a good time.

  9. AileenMilsom says:

    Happy birthday Angie, 21 again! All the members and volunteers wish you a very happy day and hope you are soon feeling better. I’m sure “Del Boy” is taking really good care of you, breakfast in bed, walking the dogs etc…………………….. Ha!Ha!Ha! See you both soon. Steve – hope you are busy working on our blog!!!
    Love Aileen xx

  10. John & Julie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANGIE for thursday, get well, see you soon. xxx

  11. Jayne Coopey says:

    Happy New year

  12. Jayne Coopey says:

    Merry Xmas every1 c u in 2019

  13. john & julie says:

    MERRY XMAS EVERY ONE, BIG THANK YOU TO STEVE,ANGIE for the mince pies and boozexxx

  14. Hannah says:

    Best cracker, jiving penguin and leopard pants! I’ve seen Dad (John)~!
    Lots of love xxxx

  15. john & julie says:

    good night at the panto, lots of fun and laughter had by all, who knows gok might be right, look good with clothes on not naked or….

  16. john & julie says:

    for shes a jolly good leader, for shes a jolly good leader and so say all of us. to all the gang have a good one. more chances to dress up hip-hiporay, see you in 2019. xxx

  17. AileenMilsom says:

    Hi. It’s me, Aileen, your confused club leader! Your comments are wonderful and so kind. What a run up to Christmas we have had this year, and I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to know there are more exciting events coming our way in 2019. I’ve just booked That’ll be the Day for Sunday 17th February at Weston Playhouse, 7 pm. It will be on the events page in about five minutes. Wishing you all a very happy and cheerful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

  18. Jayne Coopey says:

    I would like to say a massive massive thank u to Aileen and all our fabulous volunteers 4 organising the 2 best nites ever! Merry Xmas to every1 n can’t wait 4 a lot more fun in 2019

  19. Jayne Coopey says:

    John n Julie I love the penguin outfits ther awesome

  20. Jayne Coopey says:

    Thatl be the nite. Best nite I’ve had in ages, 3 hours of comedy, singing n panto. Can’t wait 4 next year!

  21. john & julie says:

    another fun filled festive time had by all great sshow plenty xmas songsto sing-a-long too and some funny close to the knuckle jokes. see ya tomorrow night . xx

  22. john & julie says:

    what a crackin night lotd of eatin,drinkin,sinsing,dancin ou! what a night.big thank you to all at the red roe a there support xx,special thanks to our own little helpers.see you all soon,is there any video,photos.

  23. Jayne Coopey says:

    What a cracker of a nite aka our very own john! Fantastic xmas party last nite at the red. Good food, music and fab company. Grateful thanks to all Involved.

  24. Jayne says:

    A massive thank u to everyone who made yesterday’s xmas fair such a success a lot of hard work but well worth the effort.

  25. john & julie says:

    Another good show. O would like to thank those brave men & women who fought for our freedom, they will never be forgotten. RIP X

  26. john & julie says:

    On behalf of the gang, a big THANK YOU to Aileen,Spud all you wonderful volenteers for braving the weather on friday night to help us have a fun filled life, with out you lovely people we would’nt have so much fun. Thanks xxxx

  27. Jayne Coopey says:

    Happy birthday spud. hope uve had a gd day

  28. Michelle and Steve says:

    Happy birthday spud hope you have a fab day lots of love from Michelle Steve Liam max and Samuel xxx

  29. Michelle and Steve says:

    Happy birthday spud hope you have a fab day lots of love from Michelle Steve Liam max and Samuel xxx

  30. Jayne Coopey says:

    As always

  31. AileenMilsom says:

    Yes, it was a memorable evening. Thank you all for your comments and it looks like I am getting it right. Aileen

  32. john & julie says:

    Gravel-tastic,Tartan-tasticWiggle ya bum-tastickeep rockin Fun!Fun!,Fun!!!. now do ya think i’m sexy!!!…

  33. Jayne Coopey says:

    Yet another amazing nite at the play house. What a showman.

    1. john says:

      Thank you Lady Jane,next time I will sing!!

  34. john & julie says:

    Is there any photos or video

  35. john & julie says:

    Mari this ones for you Y.M.C.A in our thoughts always love from the gang at Energeyes. thanks to all at the Red for a fun night out. See you at the xmas party,can,t wait.Thanks to the volenteeers for looking after us,bigthumbs up to our very own Gloria Gaynor (Diane). Good night had by all.

  36. john & julie says:

    Hi folks, big thanks to Steve for Bustin Ma Balls,Brain ache,Limp wrist. KEEP IT CLEAN!!. Thanks to all who helped,big thanks to Daniel for suggesting it.

  37. Jayne Coopey says:

    Any photos?

  38. Michelle and steve says:

    What a lovely night last night at karaoke with members and volunteers singing and dancing thank you red admiral and Steve and serena for another fabulous night

  39. Michelle says:

    Please can we have a donation of chocolate or sweets too for our table at the fair will save us having to buy lots sorry to be a pain and ask last year we had a mixture of some we bought and some that were donated myself and Jane will have lots of lol rolls and sweet cones to fill before the fair xxxx

  40. AileenMilsom says:

    Hi. Just a reminder to start collecting “bottles”, full ones, for our Christmas Charity Fayre at The Royal Hotel on Saturday 17th November 2018. Any type of bottle, it doesn’t have to be alcohol!
    Spud, Michelle, Steve and Jayne work tirelessly, encouraging the public to part with their £1 to support EnergEyes. Keep collecting…………………
    You can drop them off at my house or give them to me at one of our local events, not at the theatre though, Thank you.
    Aileen Milsom, Chairman

  41. AileenMilsom says:

    What a wonderful afternoon some of the members and volunteers had at Weston Playhouse today. We attended a Royal Marines Band charity concert and it was fabulous. So varied and amazing. All proceeds will go towards the new Lifeboat Station development in Weston-super-Mare.
    Aileen Milsom, Chairman

  42. Michelle and Steve says:

    Really looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday night x

  43. Jayne Coopey says:

    Some lovely photos

  44. John & Julie says:

    Well said Lady Jane, great day out. Here,s the bad news folks WOT NO CHIPS!!!!

    1. John & Julie says:

      hey guys! lets start a petition for those poor folks from Dartmouth. CHIPS,CHIPS,CHIPS…CHIPS PLEASE!

  45. Jayne says:

    I would like to thank every kind person who donated to give us all an amazing relaxing day out in dartmouth and Kingswear and to our amazing coach driver thank u all.

    1. Michelle says:

      Hi Jayne hope your feeling better soon please can you email me on
      Mrsmichelledurbin@gmail.com got something to run by you and my auntie has ordered some beads as we can’t find the others these ones are round thoxxxc

  46. Michelle and Steve says:

    Would like to say a huge thank you to all the members who helped with aliens birthday present I popped down Saturday evening to Russel Watson with Jayne Aileen was worried as she didn’t have tickets for me as Steve max and Sam came too she was presented with a bouquet of flowers a blue plant for her garden and blue flower pot and some solar lights and big 70 th birthday badge and balloons plus a couple of cards max and Sam had made her she’s now in teignmouth and hopefully having a lovely day xxx

  47. Michelle and Steve says:

    Would like to wish Aileen a very happy 70 th birthday for today hope you have a lovely day xxxx

    1. John & Julie says:

      Hope you had a lovely Birthday xxx