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The Magic of Motown – Friday 10th October 2014

The Bristol Hippodrome – The Magic of Motown – Friday 10th October 2014

Well this was a special day for one of our members of EnergEyes; it was Ernest’s 60th Birthday.

A group of us got together to travel to Bristol at about 4 O’clock in the afternoon. Well who was on the bus from Weston-super-Mare to Bristol? Matthew, Ann, Ernest, Sue, Aileen & Spud. Jean & Phillip made their own way to @Bristol. We got off opposite @Bristol where Jean & Phillip were at the bus stop waiting for us.

We found our way across the road to the V-Shed, a Wetherspoon pub on The Waterfront. When we arrived at the V-Shed Kym, Russ, Eileen & John were sat at a table outside.

The V-Shed was extremely busy. We all wanted to sit inside so we had to make our way up the stairs to the first floor. Talk about the blind leading the blind; the lighting was so bad that when we found a table it was so dark, even the people with good sight would have had difficulty reading the menu. But then we were advised that the next floor up had better lighting so we all followed each other up the next flight of stairs where the lighting was much better. Also there was a bar & toilets on this floor which made it very easy for people to get around, especially Kym as she finds the stairs hard to climb at the best of times.

Well, Su Camper had a very hard choice to make when Aileen placed not one but two glasses of wine in front of her. One being white and the other being red. Su certainly had a hard choice to make. (See Photo)

We all had a very enjoyable meal after which Spud presented a cake with candles to Ernest whilst we all sang happy birthday to him on his special day. (See Photo)

Once we had finished our drinks and had a piece of Ernest’s birthday cake, we made our way to the Hippodrome to see The Magic of Motown.

Well what to say about this fantastic and amazing show – absolutely brilliant!

Posted By Matthew Stevens