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Is there anything you would like to do? Places to visit, sports?

Send us an email – aileen@energeyesvips.co.uk

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  1. jayne says:

    fleet air arm museum again, tank museum Haynes motor museum

  2. Russ says:

    How about a section on how to become a volunteer, and all that entails.

  3. Harry says:

    I would like to suggest a trip to the Roman Baths, or better still a swim in the “Roman Baths”
    All in favour say, “Hale Caesar”

  4. jayne says:


  5. jayne says:

    dance lessons maybe ballroom style and more frequent barn dances

  6. jayne says:

    love pool pics can anything be arranged for eve or wkend sessions

  7. jayne says:

    indoor ski slope at churchill, but not for me cos im a scaredy cat, darts, personal protection as in safety or spacial awareness or body language of others if u get what i mean, longleat on a wkend or term time, noahs arc, zoo, 4×4 driving lessons,bristol museum, somerset steam train again, open to any suggestions really except caves im such a wooss.