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  1. Michelle says:

    Hope your up there Marie having fun with Lyn can’t believe it’s been 3 years since you left us think and talk about you a lot x

  2. AileenMilsom says:

    Hi everyone. Phyllis, our lovely volunteer, is in Musgrove Park Hospital, and has been since Monday. She has cellulitis, which is a common serious bacterial infection. Her leg was very swollen and hot. Derek rushed her to hospital. She is very upbeat and positive, as usual, but getting fed up with the food etc. Luckily, she has her phone handy and is able to keep in contact. She won’t be home until at least Monday. We send her all our best wishes. Aileen

    1. Michelle Durbin-zoller says:

      Hope Phyllis is better soon love to get xxx

  3. J & J says:

    And now for something completely different, check out J & J, Some of you know him as Stevie, I know hhim has bunnie hoppin, horse trottin mad, He comes in like a wreckin ball (Watch little bunnies). This gave me brain ache to write this, constructing this brick by brick (lol). Check it out. We don’t need no Covid-19, We need to get some self control, We need to get under tables with our Energeyes shirts over our heads, Stop the hazards in our club, Line him up, watch him go, HEY! Stevie leave those darts alone, all we need is another hole in the wall, HEY Stevie leave that ball alone, all we don’t need is another hole in the floor (Guitar solo) HEY! Stevie leave those darts alone, all Aileen needs is another hole in the wall, HEY! Stevie leave that ball alone, all Energeye needs is another hole in the floor (Guitar fade out). Stevie we ordered a truck load of Thatchers Gold, because of Covid-19 they would not deliver, So the next best thing we bought you an invisible birthday cake with 50 candles, don’t worry mate we help you to blow them out. Sorry we can not help to celebrate with you mate, hope very soon we will share a Thatchers/beer or 3, until then, stay safe and look after yourself mate, HAVE A GGOD ONE, HAPPY 50.

    1. Michelle Durbin-zoller says:

      Happy 50 th hot stuff hope you had a good day x missing you all x

  4. Michelle says:

    Thank you all for the lovely song my cards all my lovely presents love you all loads not happy at the mo the darlings have been in school for a week and already bought home the lergy coughs colds etc 6 months home nothing lol hope everyone is keeping well x when’s brick walls big birthday that’s pretty soon or have I missed it xxxx

  5. Jayne Coopey says:

    J and j u r getting very poetical. All theser hidden secret talents we have tucked away.

    1. J and j says:

      you’ve heard of Lennon & Mac cartney, move over it is the 2 J’S time. Arip-off the Beatles Michelle, sing along.

  6. J and J says:

    Here is something that we put together, hope you like it….. Michelle our belle, she means so much too us all we can tell, uour Michelle, Michelle our belle she brightens up our lives, warms our hearts,that she knows so well our Michelle, Michelle our belle energeyewwould’t be the same with out our Michelle, we love you, we hug you, we thank you, for just being the way that you are, we just want to say these words that you understand, that your oour Michelle, To our special Birthday girl, Happy 40th Birthday, love from your crazy friens from energeyes, have a good one xxx, ps Hi! Stevie.

  7. Jayne Coopey says:

    Happy birthday michelle. Have an amazing day

    1. J and J says:

      Come on rest of the gang 1-2-3, Happy Birthday too you.

  8. J and J says:

    The sun has got its hat on hip-hip-o-ray, the sun got its hat ona and J and J coming out to play, Julie’s pottering in the garden, John is batheing in the sun, John is looking nice and bbrown and got a blistered bum, Julies mending benches, Julie’s having fun, Julie gives out a big howl,she haas a splinter in her thumb, Julie’s brought the drinks out hip-hip-o-ray, Jonnies singing fun songs to brighten up the day, the sun has took its hat off, moon is shining bright, John & Julie are dancing under star lit night, through till the morning light. goodbye kiss, kiss, kiss.

  9. Jayne Coopey says:

    Hi michelle if ever you need a chat im mostly free.

  10. Jayne Coopey says:

    Hi everyone. Hope everybody is ok. We are all missing r crazy get togethers and i for cant wait for our next 1whenever that may be.

  11. Wardrobe says:

    hi guys, hope you are all safe & well, enjoying sunny weather, sun bathing naked in back garden, having a few drinks, who i am i kidding, drank too much last weekend, celebrating my beloved Leeds been champions, sang marching on together about 15 times,Julie getting headache, had chips on sea front, qued 1 hour, must be mad, not been in pub. missing you guys, has

    1. Michelle Durbin-zoller says:

      Is that why foot can was out side yours the other week lol 😂😂😂😂
      Missing you guys too

      1. Michelle says:

        Should of said riot van lol

        1. Wardrobe says:

          the only vans parked outside, Ice-Crean (yum-yum) or luny van (coming too take me away ha-ha)

  12. Michelle Durbin-zoller says:

    Update on our new friend Sam has named it sonic so we now get visited by sonic the hedgehog xxxx

  13. jandj says:


  14. Michelle Durbin-zoller says:

    Hope your all well im excited to be able to go back to
    Volunteering in the charity shop next week
    I’ve been busy during covid shopping for neighbours
    Who live alone checking on nandad boys are excited
    Weve just found a hedgehog in garden keeping an eye on it
    As its still light out gave it a good feed of cat food Sam is
    Making it a cosy bed and slug and snail hunting to feed
    It hope it’s not too long im missing being busy on a
    Tuesday making tea and coffee for the lovely oldies of congresbury and being with you lovely lot xxx

  15. Michelle Durbin-zoller says:

    Hi everyone missing you all loads typical lockdown has eased I was going to see if anyone fancied seeing my ugly mug social distanced but school has now kicked the kids out for dinner so that’s that out the window of any of you fancy a chat I’m happy to give you my number good news is I’m going to 39 until it’s safe to celebrate being 40:

    1. Michelle Durbin-zoller says:

      Should say summer not dinner lol

  16. john & julie says:

    Hi guys, sorry its been a while, sorry to hear the shocking news about our lovely Orla, to our mate Enernst, thinking of you at this sad time, keep your chin up mate, she will never be forgotten. Happy belated birthdays to Del Boy, Energeyes, Aileen, hope you all had a good one, we are missing you all, more than words can say, see you all very soon, raise a glass or two to the gang.

  17. Jayne Coopey says:

    Happy birthday. We are all missing each other so much and cant wait to get our leader back at the helm. To keep us all in order lol

  18. Michelle Durbin-zoller says:

    Happy birthday Aileen hope you have a lovely day lots of love from me Steve and the boys were really missing you xxxc

  19. Jayne Coopey says:

    Happy birthday to our special club. Hands and and shoulders we cannot rub.
    One day soon we all will meet.
    with no 2meter gap between each seat
    Party times ahead im sure
    Lots of shouts with even a roar.
    May we have a lot more fun
    When covid 19 finally does one!
    Happy birthday to everyone.

    1. Thank you Jayne. It hits the spot! Love you poem, so clever.
      Aileen xxx

  20. AileenMilsom says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Happy, Happy Birthday today to EnergEyes. Nine years old! Amazing how the years fly by. It is the most worthwhile and fulfilling decision I have ever made. We have changed lives, made lifelong friends and achieved so much. Thank you all so much for making this charity such a huge success. Aileen xx

  21. AileenMilsom says:

    Hi everyone. I have some sad news. Orla passed away on Tuesday 2nd June. She wasn’t well so Ernest took her to the vet but she passed away. She had a tumour on her spleen. She didn’t suffer and went peacefully. Ernest is doing ok but is heartbroken as you can imagine. She is now with Kym, Marie, my Paul and all her other friends. We have happy memories of Orla on our trips out and she will never be forgotten. She was beautiful and had a happy happy life with Ernest. Aileen xxx

  22. AileenMilsom says:

    Hi. It’s Del Boys birthday today. On behalf of members and volunteers I want to wish him a very, very happy birthday. Take care Steve and keep well. Love Aileen xxx

  23. AileenMilsom says:

    Yes, a very happy birthday to Julie from all the gang. I did send a card, hope you received it in time. Take care everyone and keep safe. Best wishes, Aileen xx miss you all.

  24. john & julie says:

    Hi guys, hope everone is keeping safe,Ilike to wish my sexy wife Julie Happy Birthday today,had a couple of bottles of plonk,few cans of lager, dancing & singing badly, listening to rock balads& 80’s music, any one celebrating too happy what ever ya celebrating, stay safe see ya all soon, missing you guys xxx.

  25. AileenMilsom says:

    Hi everyone. Thanks to those of you who are using the page to update us all on your antics and fun times. I have put a rhyme, or similar, on our facebook page. Hope if brings a smile to you all. Spud and I are keeping well and enjoying the sunshine whilst it lasts. The gardens are all looking beautiful this Spring time. Aren’t we lucky! Keep safe and happy, will be over one day and things will be back to normal. What fun we will all have again. Love and hugs to you all, Aileen xx

  26. Jayne Coopey says:

    Did u find any toilet rolls?

  27. Jayne Coopey says:

    Hi everyone hope u r all healthy. John i feel that you ought to do a daily walk with 1 of your many characters to raise a few smiles around your area. As long as you are appropriately dressed of course.

  28. john & julie says:

    Alexander wk4 pt2: Nicky told me to wave,so bunny waved,comming back though the garages,nicky saw man doing work on his roof,she was worried if he saw us he might fall off,did another lap around shop,cut though garages,no man on roof,but now on the ground,nicky said he did a double take(must have thought he has too much to drink ) I just stood there laughing is head off,I sais nice one mate (cheeky bugga,did’nt offer me a carrot,what cheek). Nicky couldnt stop laughing,told julie,julie starts laughing,later in the day Julie asked to go for a wlk,I said i’ll come along for the hop of it,we walk around shops(It must be strange to see a blind lady out with a rabbit not a guide gog!.) we both walk down the main road with cars hooting they car horns, what fun we had,rest of the day sat outside chillin,eating carrots,and listening to Chas &Dave Rabbit song+,Julie pottering around finding things to do. Tuesday rang our love ones and told them about our antics on Monday,made there day with fits of laughter, rest of the day doing house work (ooooooh,want to break freeeeee). Weds: Chores!,Chores!,Chores,sit,sit,sitouch,ouch(do house work, back hurts,sit and relax,bum hurts,can not win. catch up on things that we recorded. Thurs: Carer Nickys back doing house work and personal care,we had a laugh,Nicky said something hunt,but I miss heard what she said,I though she said (sounds like hunt) we all had a laugh about,catched up on watching movies. Friday: just like Dr Seus Cat in the hat we were bored,so we had to find some thing too do,weather rubbish,house work (YAWN!!) watching t.v (fell a sleep) bring back the sun and our freedom!!!. Any one esle want to tell us what you have been doing, this is a good platform guys, use it. love quiet somerset lass & Him!!!!!!!. xxx

  29. john & julie says:

    Alexander wk4: Easter Monday,Carer Nicky in again, Julie & Nicky go shopping and TOILET ROLL hunting,So been Easter john suprised Nicky in Bunny costume,Julie shouted Nicky,look what I have found on the stairs,she looked and cracked out laughing(good job she does’nt have a heart condition) she couldnt resist taking photos,she asked to put some on Bluebird Cares website,after her calming down,she asked If Iwanted to go some excerise, In this Ireplied,it is up to you,well I said why not, so carer Nicky and bunny John went for a walk (this is beginning to sound like a childrens story!!) Nicky out taking Bunny John for a hop around the block, she told me a little girl riding her bike at social distance waving,bunny waved back, people in shop looking a bit puzzled to what they are looking at (maybe they are thinking I shouldnt have had that extra glass of wine,walked down main road with cars blowing there car horns

  30. john & julie says:

    Alexander wk3: carer Nicky saw Julie’s eye,she was a bit shocked to what she saw,I thought it might be a good tie to take up golf, why not got my very own golf ball lol.Julie and carer went shopping and TOILET ROLL hunting,more spring cleaning,rest of the daychillin,drinking,listening to music,and trying to to sing,listening to Youtube Chrona virus parades. Tuesday, more house work,did get get an idea to put on Freddie Mercury house wife costume, I better not. rest of the day, you guessed it folks, sun bathing,drinking,singing,listening to music. Weds: Daughter In-law saw Julie’s eye,she quoted You look like a battered house wife(speaking of battered,we had fish that night), she also saw man in Bio-HazardSuit,she thought it was funny,youcould hear traffic slowing down and people talking, must have thought OH NO!! CORONA,Any minute now am going to do the Macerana, still laughing at a distance,she wanted to take photos to show her hubby and friends, Ihope she washed her hands. rest of the day we played adult games,drinking,listening to music,singing of soughts,nude bathing,sorry for any upsets. Thurs: carer Nicky,doing her usual thing, as usuual julie and jonnie in there back garden doing they usual thing, happy Easter folks.

  31. john & julie says:

    Alexander wk2: Bored,so we did some spring cleaning, Tuesday night,Julie had an accident,while trying to find our last recyling box,Julie ducted under handrail, silly girl smacked her eye on the ssupport bar(OUCH!!! thats got to hurt). Eednesday, daughter in-law came to do shopping, saw Julie’s eye, don’t worry be happy. Thursday, carer arrives at door,confronted by man in Bio-Hazard suit, she thought it was funny, saw Julie’s eye and said nothing to worry about. Rest of the day chillin out sun tanning,drinking,listening to music,same onfriday, had our own Ela’s baron Friday night, welcome to Alexander’s Bar,Disco lights,drinking,music,few sore heads & bodies. Saturday, carer Janet saw Julie’s eye,now looking like a golf ball,very swollen and sore, what can I say ,I was very bored!!!,rest of weekend ringing loved ones,chillin out,less drinking, sore heads and sore bodies.

  32. john & julie says:

    Hi guys, this is our diary of lock down, missed Elas bar,goverment says NO!!!,so starts Alexanders wk1 lockdown: Scared & nervois,worried about about panic buying,and carers coming in and out….NO TOILET ROLLS!!!!, On the plus side,sun tanning,drinking,listening to music in back garden.

  33. AileenMilsom says:

    Happy Easter everyone. Lovely weather again here in Weston-super-Mare, so lucky. Taking life one day at a time, chatting to lots of members and friends, which is wonderful. Catching up with jobs that we have been putting off and working in the garden. For those of you who may not know, my son, Anthony arrived back in the UK on 1st April from his travels through Africa, safe and sound. He is self isolating in Teignmouth and is very positive and upbeat. Listening to re plays of cricket matches and trying to support people through his website.Tonythetraveller.com. Take a look if you wish and enjoy. Regarding future events – The Hippodrome are being very supportive and keeping in contact with me. They have issued a voucher for We Will Rock You and this is valid until May 2021. If the new date clashes with other events I have booked we will receive a full refund. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is in the process of being rescheduled. The Playhouse are keeping in touch with me and it is a case of wait and see. Ernest and Orla are both ok, Steve Wall is fine and Del Boy – well! He keeps in touch occasionally but is as crazy as ever. Take care everyone and keep safe. Love Aileen xxx

    1. jon & julie says:

      Thank you aileen, for letting us know our friends are doing, good news about James & Andy, yhey are both doing well and staff are keeping them busy. Aileen told us on Easter that James ore bunny ears, cool James, nice to see that you all at Harewoos House are safe and well, big thank you to all staff for looking after and finding fun things too do at this hard time, see you guys very soon, stay safe, look after one another xxx.

  34. Jayne Coopey says:

    Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there.

  35. Jayne Coopey says:

    Morning every1 hope everybody is well. Very challenging times. Where we can keep in touch via here to share some jokes or funny moments weve all had over the years to keep our spirits up. We are a strong bunch what of im not sure haha. We will certainly celebrate when we all meet back up when the time is right.. all our love goes to warren during his challenging time too!

    1. john & julie says:

      Well said, lady Jane, we are all thinking about our friend Warren,all our love goes out to you man,take care,stay safe and happy easter, Iagree jane,what a platform to use, come on guys get using the site, more people please,tell us about how you are coping and any funnies welcome, so get on it, wheres del boy with is facts and funnies. be safe take care, see you all soon xxx. wardrobee & sun tanned Julie xxxxx.

  36. john & julie says:

    Hi every one, hope you are all safe & well, miss you all, take care, stay safe,and when this damn virus is over, crazy gang back together, we can have one hell of a knees up, thinking about you all, for now stay safe,take care. luv john &julie xxxxxx, Bee safe enereyes.

    1. AileenMilsom says:

      Thank you John and Julie. Yes we must all be sensible and keep safe. As soon as I am able I will let you all know the rearranged dates. I already have on for 80’s Mania – Saturday 22nd August 2020 Playhouse, Weston. So pencil it in your diary please. Warren is having his first radiotherapy treatment today at Oncology in Bristol. Keep him in your prayers please. Love you all, Aileen x

  37. Jayne Coopey says:

    Happy xmas everybody. Hope u all had a good one. See u all soon. Jayne

  38. AileenMilsom says:

    We took part in the Rotary Christmas Fayre yesterday 16th November 2020, at The Royal Hotel. I wish to thank all members, friends and volunteers for their continued support. Our total raised was amazing but we couldn’t achieve this without your continued support. Also a huge thank you to the Rotary Club in Weston. Aileen Milsom, Chairman

  39. Jayne Coopey says:

    Wow wow wow

  40. Jayne Coopey says:

    That was a nite i definately needed. What a show and good feel factor. Hope it returns soon.

    1. Thank you Jayne. Much appreciated. Good news from you, made my day. You know what I’m talking about. Aileen xx

  41. john & julie says:

    To our Wreckin-Ball, Happy Birthday!!!.

  42. Michelle says:

    Big Thank you to all the lovely members and volunteers for my birthday card love having you all.as my friend xxxx

  43. Jayne Coopey says:

    Wow what an amazing day we had today. Weather was perfect. The support from mendip paul and ollie is unforgiving. Nothing is too much trouble to help any one of us. Ive achieved so much today thst i could only dream of well out of my comfort zone. Not only do we all support each other but are able to laugh when things dont go quite according to plan. Big thank you to every1 4 creating another bunch of amazing memories.

    1. Thank you Jayne, there is nothing I can add to your comments, you have said it all. We are such a lucky gang of friends, whatever we do is so much fun and laughter and boosts us all in confidence and self worth. I will carry on this wonderful charity for as long and I am fit and able to.
      Aileen x

    2. Michelle says:

      Just seen the pics looks so much fun wish id.of.come I would.of been uselessness would of pushed me out my.comfort zone xxx