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Aileen, Andrew, Andy, Ernest, Jayne, Jean, John, Margret, Matthew, Phillip, Sarah & Spud were the members and volunteers who visited the SS Great Britain.

We all got here by cars, from Weston, Spud took Ernest, Jane and Phillip. Derrick took Aileen, Andrew and Matthew. From Clevedon, Margaret, brought Jean and Sarah. John brought Andy.

We all meet up in the car park at the SS Great Britain, where I took a group photo. (See Photo)

From the car park we went to a coffee shop  before going on our tour of the SS Great Britain.

We got our tickets from the reception and Andrew, Andy, Ernest, Jane, Jean, Matthew, Phillip had to sign a card for the tickets. They last for a year and allows you to visit as many times as you like.

We made our way down below using the stairs or lift, where we walk around the bottom of the ship, where we saw the propeller and rudder was and at the from of the ship was the anchor.

We then made our way back up stairs to have a look around the museum. We saw a black & white film showing the SS Great Britain sailing up and down in rough seas. On another screen it showed footage of how the slowly brought the SS Great Britain up the river Severn, to hits resting place.
As we passed through the museum, Ernest, Phillip and Jean had a go at steering the ships wheel whilst Aileen was giving instructions on which way to turn the wheel whilst looking at the compass. We then passed an area showing the original wooden rudder.

We then went into a room where you can dress back in period. Andrew, Aileen and Jean dressed up. (See Photo)

After lunch we all made our way to board the ship. On the outside deck we walk around and got our audio descriptions aids, whilst walking around. Below deck we went in the first class section of the ship. Where we saw a cabin with bunk beds, the doctors surgery, were the doctor was treating a sailor with a cut hand. Aileen then took a photo of Andy and Matthew sat next Isambard Kingdom Brunel. As we were was a door in one of the passage ways a door slightly opened, and a mans voice said sorry this water closet is occupied. Jayne liked this as she kept pushing the door and the man behind the door was getting very annoyed. Well I can imagine what Kym would have said if she had come. “Don’t worry dear. I have seen it all before.” (See Photo)

Are next stop was the next deck below where we saw the kitchen, see how the cooked and what sort of food they made on board the ship. Passing through the passage ways we also seen a butcher cut up meats and cutting and filleting fish including what looked like a whale. From here we made our way to the first class dinning area. A long room with tables going up each side of the room. It looked very grand with the decor.

We then finished by going back to the cafe for a drink before Spud took Aileen, Matthew and Phillip to the bus stop to catch the bus back and Spud took Andrew, Ernest, Jayne and Jean back to Weston. John took Andy back to Portishead