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Poem by Jayne Coopey, one of our members

Aileen and Spud

Today’s the day 3 years ago
To Aileen and Spud who got us together
The sun, the rain no matter the weather
Their idea was born to form a group
A variety of people all make 1 troop
Day’s out, days in sports as well
What they will do next, we just can’t tell
We’ve grown in strength with all your support
Your nerves sometimes I’m sure were fraught
Our days are filled with fun and frolics
Picnics are great they are such a tonic
A boat trip, the zoo or even some ducks
It started to pour down that’s just our luck
A trip to blow glass a bauble or two
Why am I smiling? If only you knew
Some people ride horses, that isn’t for me
Let’s stop for a minute, and have a cream tea
A hair raising night to shave off the beard
It wasn’t as bad as Phillip first feared
Kym on four wheels around Tyntesfield House
With a horn that size she is no way a mouse
We all wear our shirts with so much pride
The bee was designed I bet Russ cried
The volunteer helpers are always at hand
With Aileen and Spud, a right merry band
So may we continue for a good many years
I know when you read this you’ll end up in tears
Heartfelt thanks from all of your friends
May EnergEyes continue and never end