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Club Rules

A signed Club Agreement form indicates your agreement for the Club to provide assistance to you and to deal with money in relation to club activities and to hold personal data.

As from 10th August 2016 there will be an Annual Membership Subscription Fee of £10 to be paid at our AGM.

Charges will be levied for each individual activity according to the cost of that activity and payment must be made twelve weeks in advance or earlier please.

All monies will be held in a bank account in the Club’s name and will require the signature of three nominated signatories.

Public liability insurance and insurance for Volunteers is in place. Some activities will require a risk assessment to be carried out and where necessary the insurers contacted to ensure the risk is covered.

Transport to venues will not automatically be provided, except for activities further afield, which may require alternative transport. Members should speak to the Club Leader if they need help with transport.

All members must inform the Club Leader of any relevant medical conditions for this to be passed on to Volunteers.

If you suffer from any medical conditions, which could affect your ability to take part in certain activities, please contact your GP and ask for a letter confirming that it is ok for you to participate. It is each member’s individual responsibility to do this if required.

Members must confirm that they are able to get into/out of transport provided and change clothing if required for an activity with minimal assistance. If a prospective member requires one to one support, appropriate help will need to be found by the member themselves and, if necessary, independent travel arrangements made with regard to travel.

All members must inform a Volunteer should there be a change in medical circumstances since joining the Club.

All Club members must behave appropriately. Anyone causing disruption or demonstrating aggressive behaviour will receive 3 verbal warnings from the Trustees and will then be asked to leave.

Any complaints about the Club, Volunteers or individual members should be made to one of the Trustees. If necessary, these will be discussed and their decision will be final.

Each event will have a meet time and a start time – Please do not be late!

If you are not able to attend an event please let the Club Leader know as soon as possible.

September 2016