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Bristol Blue Glass outing Saturday 2nd February 2013

Blog compiled by EnergEyes’s

famous Blog Reporter, Mark Ball

“Oliver” Bristol Hippodrome


Kym = “The evening was brilliant great fun and we were singing along! Badly!!!

It  was good that some members had audio visual sets.

As usual Aileen organised a  wonderful evening.”

Phillip = “We had a brilliant time, I had an audio link so I could hear everything that was going on. Aileen always organises everything really  well.

“I am  looking forward to going again”.

Phillip also says he really enjoys the walks and that Aileen is good at  leading him through muddy puddles!!

Andrew = “It was a lovely evening. I liked it when they started to sing “I’d do anything for you………” All the singing was good.”

Bristol Blue Glass visit:

Sally = “ I thought  the visit was very good, the talk was excellent and very informative, the process and equipment used in glassmaking  were described well, as I believe this was the first time a talk had been given to a group of visually impaired people”.

Jean = ” Excellent event, the talk was very interesting , finished up with a nice meal, a good day out.”

Warren = ” I found the experience fascinating, and would  love to go back sometime and have a go at glass blowing ”.

Jayne = “ Really enjoyed the visit , found the talk very interesting .I have ordered a new glass eye. The only negative thing I thought it was a bit expensive for a B… J..”.

Martyn = ” We were made to feel very welcome by all the staff , the audio presentation was very good, generally a good experience although had to wait over an hour for food when ordered in the pub. I feel that a better choice of venue for lunch could have been sought, as I thought it was not very accessible for visually impaired persons “.

Ernest = ” Very enjoyable day out , I thought the presentation was very good and was adapted well for the  visually impaired. We all get on well as a group and always  have a good time”.